Saturday, December 26, 2009

Letters to Crushes. Leaves in the Bushes. See the stars in the navy universe sky smile down at you.
Top New Year's Resolutions.

Get fit.
Lose weight.
Enjoy life more.
Quit drinking.
Get organized.
Learn something new.
Get out of debt.
Spend more time with the family.
Help others.
Save money.
Get a better education.
Reduce stress.
Take a trip.
Spend more time with friends.
Start loving yourself.
Spend less money.
Become more spiritual.
Find a soulmate.
Spend less time on the computer.

Learn how to play a musical instrument.
Finish school.
Stop doing drugs.

morning eye

bed is best

reflection in a dirty window

I want to have light vision. See the night landscape in navy and gold. Lurex throw over my shoulders, shivering in the wane orange the sun shines down upon me. I find so many things beautiful in a way I can't even describe. Should I spend eighty dollars on a lurex cardigan with gold foil trimmings, should I buy a cake for my sister's birthday? Should I this, and I should not that. The sky isn't the limit, as we all are led to believe. January approaches and I need to get a grip on myself. The concrete sidewalks beckon after a particularly lazy day at school. Khaki uniform, eyelet pullover and bright orange leather suitcase that lies open on the floor beside me. Sigh and look into the open thicket with bright, hopeful eyes. Dimmed by the sunlight of day, my heart weakens at the thought of tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I see televisions at best buy, rolling stones in glass-panelled windows. I stop at one and gaze inside, my breath fogging up the glass. My reflection is like a ghost; purple, and vague. Plastic bags in the dumpster, peering over the fire escape, hair hanging about my face like curtains. I dream of green hills and satanic cows, snow that never comes. In two days it shall be Christmas Eve, and my room is bare like a baby's bottom. But it's hey okay, because I am just ridding myself of all the memories that have kept me cycling backwards for the past four years. It's pointless mopping up spilled milk or moaning over curdled cheese. Too long too much for Too many Days. Sweeping the dust under the carpet no longer works, neither do cardboard lists printed on aluminium foil and fake instax photos on the walls. The sparkles settle on the sette, my day here is done.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fridays are now spent aboard the festive ship with guns a' blazing and dolphins alongside. Christmas is approaching and I hear the wind howling with the scent of nutmeg and hot chocolate in the air. The time of year with silver bells and white hopes avant.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sv 'm thank you very much I'm cold, sorceress, coveted. Disregard of authority, complicity. You are beneathe me, six feeth, why should I not? Reasons like leaves, falling.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Chanel vernis #001 in Jade. Does it tell you what my heart is adorned with now? Red lips and cornrowed hair, side parts. I hate my job. Infestation, uncontrollable rage. It consumes me with blind anger, hazes, burrows. I hate it. It feels dank, like a brick wall, almost like bracken. Grey, colourless, monotonous. Death, consuming.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today I'm not gonna' hide no more , no no. It's the little things that make a difference. Eye bags, tea leaves at the bottom of a cup. What I perceive as blatantly ugly might not be so to others. A simple circle fallen off the heart of a necklace could also serve to accessorise one's finger. For now I will head out into the dreary dawn and hope that birds of paradis will flock down and bless me. Cave Canis.
fuck.jpg picture by crazy_2005

Because sometimes We just Wanna' fuck The world.