Saturday, December 26, 2009

morning eye

bed is best

reflection in a dirty window

I want to have light vision. See the night landscape in navy and gold. Lurex throw over my shoulders, shivering in the wane orange the sun shines down upon me. I find so many things beautiful in a way I can't even describe. Should I spend eighty dollars on a lurex cardigan with gold foil trimmings, should I buy a cake for my sister's birthday? Should I this, and I should not that. The sky isn't the limit, as we all are led to believe. January approaches and I need to get a grip on myself. The concrete sidewalks beckon after a particularly lazy day at school. Khaki uniform, eyelet pullover and bright orange leather suitcase that lies open on the floor beside me. Sigh and look into the open thicket with bright, hopeful eyes. Dimmed by the sunlight of day, my heart weakens at the thought of tomorrow.

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