Monday, September 13, 2010

Smells like a teenage dream

It's been so long since I've truly written anything about my life down that I've quite forgotten how it feels like ; how the words twist around my tongue like vines, swimming through my brain like mist . It's been so long, that I've quite forgotten how to live ! Time for me to find myself again in lilting words , to immerse myself in shining prose and poetry. I crave it , I crave the words running through my body like threads , in all the colours of the world . Maybe writing all of these down will help me find my glass heart again, maybe it won't be awkward to be the girl with the pearl earring, the one who is loved by men she shouldn't allow to love her . Maybe then it'll be alright, for me to look out at the world again through kaleidoscopic eyes. But enough of such frivolity for the moment , can you deduce that I've tasted love again ? Maybe that's the reason why I've begun to write again . Each time I fall in love it's like the words just keep coming , they create themselves out of the smallest flowers , the biggest cracks , the murkiest water , the clearest dreams . The words enshrine themselves in fur cowls , tucked away into the rich recesses of my heart . So much so, that if I do noe them down , I'd just burst! Millions of shrapnels , slivers of light penetrate my body and soul as I find that breath I've long been seeking again. Rainbows, unicorns- whatever catches the flights of my fancy! He's a perfect boy. They (both) are. But one, will always be that one perfect boy. You know, child of the moon, I drown in your gait everytime you walk past. I wade through your eyes like they were the darkest pool of water. I stand and just let your aura, your charisma, your being, wash over me in waves. You douse me in flames, but they don't burn- no, not like they used to- but they lick and embalm me. Encircling my heart, I am for once, in a long time, warm.

Our friendship
Keeps me alive one day after another

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